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ACRP ICH Flashcards Challenge

1 usd

Are you preparing for the ACRP Certification Exam or looking for a job in clinical research and you don’t know where to find tools to help you study the most important clinical research related guidelines? Look no further! This fun game, in an app format for only $1.99, is a tool that will help you study the ICH E2a, E6, E8, E9 guidelines and the Declaration of Helsinki. The game consists of four levels of difficulty and each has 25 questions related to the guidelines, or "steps", between your office and the badge you need to earn. The higher the level, the challenging questions focus more and more on the analysis and application of the guideline concepts. You have three attempts to correctly answer a question and to activate a step. If you answer incorrectly, you will receive guidance to the correct answer. You need to activate the number of steps and collect the number of points required in each level to achieve an 80% final score. If you score lower than 80% and are not able to attain the Golden Badge start at the end you can try again as many times as you like until you feel you mastered the content and passed by at least 80%.